We shape the future together

From 24 to 27 August, the Forum «We shape the future together» took place in Moscow. Its participants are the winners of the «HORIZON 2100» international youth competition of scientific and sci-fi works.

International Youth Forum within the Horizon 2100 Project
Author-developer and head of the International Youth Project "HORIZON 2100", Ph.D., Chairman of the Council of the Center for Modeling the Future
Moderator of the forum, an expert on the development and marketing of territories and business projects, investment attractiveness, development of local self-government, SMEs and business environment, participatory design
In 2020, the COVID-19 Pandemic hit the world and caught it by surprise - in many countries, a humanitarian crisis, a crisis in the food sector, in the education system, in the economy, and health care. Today, the situation is largely under control. But perhaps the time has come "H" and nature itself and the planet are pushing humanity to rethink the uncontrolled consumption of natural resources, the reduction of biodiversity, pollution of the oceans and near-earth space, the growth of inequality, the lethality and destructiveness of weapons in wars and conflicts and other man-made global threats? In any case, the younger generation thinks so. “We are the builders of the future! I am convinced that states will find a common goal and will move towards it together and together. I believe that we will become one and will learn not to create problems not only for humanity, but also for the planet. I see a world around me in the future, in which everyone has the right to choose, freedom of speech and equality in all spheres of life "- these are the images of the Future participants of the international forum" Shaping the Future Together ", who gathered together on August 24-27 in Moscow in order to work together find solutions to the key problems of humanity and propose ways to form a just, peaceful, sustainable Future - a better Future for all.

Participants of the International Youth Forum near the "Boiling Point"
They got such an opportunity thanks to the victory in the competition of scientific and sci-fi works "Horizon 2100". For reference: a total of 326 works from 19 countries were submitted to the competition in three nominations:

Overcoming global threats by 2045 - by the centenary of the UN
Scientific vision of the future
Science fiction works about the future at the turn of 2100

Each work was evaluated by three experts: Doctor of Science, Candidate of Science and Master's degree, which, like the participants, were represented by several countries. As a result, 74 winners were determined.
Despite the difficult epidemiological situation in the world and the closure of borders, schoolchildren, students, young experts and members of the youth organizing team from Russia, Australia, Bulgaria, Hungary, India, Korea, Kyrgyzstan, USA, Ukraine took part in the forum, as well as online students from Argentina, Brazil, India, Luxembourg, Czech Republic and Ecuador.
It is worth mentioning that the Horizon 2100 project joined the UN75 campaign, which, in celebration of the 75th anniversary of the UN, launched a global dialogue around the world on the role of comprehensive cooperation in building our future. The forum started at the KOSMOS hotel, where authoritative scientists and professionals made speeches to help young people.

Invited experts
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN Office, Vice President for Government Relations bodies of Siemens LLC
Expert of the Competition of Scientific Papers, postgraduate student of MGIMO of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Master of Arts, Russian and Eurasian Studies, Hanyang University
Expert of the Competition of Scientific Papers, post-graduate student of MGIMO of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, graduate of the Graduate School of International Studies, Russian and Eurasian Studies, Hanyang University
Scientific supervisor of the project, chairman of the International Jury of the competition, doctor of technical sciences, member of the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics
Russian diplomat, director of the UN Information Center in Moscow, chairman of the UN country team in Russia.

Detailed information in the section

Facilitators of project teams
A facilitator is a discussion organizer whose purpose is to facilitate communication between a group of people.
Penka Doneva
Facilitator of the Climate Change Team
Olga Lashko
Tackling Inequality Team Facilitator
Rachel Lloyd
Facilitator of the Conflict Resolution Team
Olga Kolosova
Facilitator of the team "Overcoming and preventing global crisis situations"
Andrew (Rick) Longley
Facilitator of the team "Search for optimal forms of human life activity"
Alexey Khalimonov
USA / Russia
Facilitator of the team "Combating the abuse of new technologies"
Project teams
The participants were divided into 6 groups to focus on the development of proposals for solving the global problems of humanity in the following areas
Facilitator - Penka Doneva
Geostrategic tensions, weakening of international cooperation, the development of new forms of conflict and violence
Facilitator - Olga Lashko
The rapid increase in incomes of the richest citizens of the planet, growing inequality in access to goods and technologies
Facilitator - Olga Kolosova
Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic, uncontrolled mass migration in the context of international security and the fight against terrorism, environmental crisis
Facilitator - Longley Stewart
Ecology in large cities, destruction of food and clothing
Facilitator - Rachel Lloyd
Impacts of climate change - environmental degradation, natural disasters, food insecurity, economic shocks
Facilitator - Alexey Khalimonov
Digital technologies and artificial intelligence are becoming a tool for incitement, dissemination of false information, interference with privacy

In the context of the tasks to be solved, the forum participants visited a unique modern high-tech platform for prototyping of high complexity - the Engineering Center of NUST MISIS KINETIKA and met with its director Vladimir Vyacheslavovich Pirozhkov, who showed the achievements and presented how the center generates, creates and builds in digital format of complex multi-industry industrial projects ordered by the leaders of the Russian mechanical engineering. An informational and educational trip in the format of an excursion "Moscow - the city of the Future" was also called to make a turn in the minds of the builders of the future.

Forum participants on an excursion to the Engineering Center MISIS
Image of the desired future

There were 6 groups at the forum, 6 main areas in which we worked and looked for solutions to pressing issues. Each team studied its competencies in detail and identified the main tasks of their projects. We were looking for case solutions at the fracture of the future, which will be if we do nothing, and the desired future that we want to see. Therefore, for three days, the guys were looking for their specialization and formulated the values ​​inherent in people living in the 2100th year. And in order to concisely state the main idea of ​​each project and ultimately determine the image of a common desired future, we have prepared 6 simple questions that would affect all areas of a person: his environment, his behavior in society, abilities, beliefs, vision of himself as personality, and his beliefs (inner desires).Below is a summary of the responses from representatives of each team.

# 1 Community

· I see strong people around me who create opportunities to create favorable conditions for further communication both in small groups of people and on a national scale.

· I behave like a fair person, ready to support and lend a helping hand.

· I am able to resolve conflicts at the stage of its inception and prevent its further spread.

· I am convinced that states will find a common goal and will move towards it together and together.

· I am a kind person with good communication skills and able to get out of any situation, arguing my point of view.

· I believe that we will become one whole and learn not to create problems not only for humanity, but also for the planet. I believe that we will learn to anticipate conflicts.

# 2 Equality

· I see a world around me in which you have the right to choose what to do, freedom of speech and equality in all spheres of life

· I behave reasonably and follow what I say and do, because I understand the full responsibility to the moral and physical condition of other people.

· I have the ability to predict and prevent discrimination of any kind.

· I am convinced that my actions will not harm others, because I do not invade my personal space and I am able to dispose people to dialogue to resolve further issues.

· I am homo sapiens 2.0 - a reasonable, creative and acting person.

· I believe that our projects will create a better world for our descendants and eradicate problems of such a global level.

# 3 Steadfastness

· I see people around me who are confident in the future, the state, ready for the threatening factors of the outside world.

· I behave like a conscious person making the right choice in favor of the development of society.

· I have the ability not to panic, to maintain composure, to help myself and others in an emergency.

· I am convinced that in an emergency a person will not rise to the level of his expectations, but will fall to the level of his training.

· I am who? A responsible person who is able to quickly respond to changes in the environment and make quick decisions.

· I believe that I am prepared for global threats.

# 4 Rationality

· I see a huge number of smart, educated and creative people around me.

· I behave decently and politely towards others, because I am a law-abiding citizen.

· I am able to think creatively and convey my ideas to the masses.

· I am convinced that science will save the world from all global threats.

· I am a rational person with great potential and enthusiasm.

· I believe that we will achieve success if we continue to work on ourselves and not bypass difficulties, but try to find.

# 5 Industrialization

· I see around me an industrialized society, people who are not indifferent to the environment and environmental problems.

· I behave responsibly in relation to nature, to living beings and plants.

· I have the ability and a great desire to convey to people all over the world environmental problems, how acute they are today and what will happen to our planet if we all do not start changing our way of life.

· I am convinced that if people understand the seriousness of environmental problems, then we can all together save the planet.

· I am a person who is not indifferent to the problems of nature and the planet as a whole.

· I believe that through joint efforts we will achieve the desired result.

# 6 Cyber ​​socialization

· I see an active society and young people around me, in particular, which use modern technologies without fear.

· I behave fairly towards other people.

· I have the ability to safely use Internet resources.

· I am convinced that my personal information is protected.

· I am a person who sets goals and goes to achieve them.

· I believe that we have an amazing and bright future.

This forum is the seed of the future tree. It was planted by the organizers of this project - people who understand one truth: to get sweet fruits in the future and enjoy them, now you need to work hard and take care of the sprout. One of the participants noticed that our projects have contradictions: somewhere we offer one thing, and the other is impossible, while "one". Therefore, it is not enough to work day and night. You do not need to water the seedling all the time, it will die from an excess of water, you need to create a comfortable environment. And water it, and loosen the ground, and fill in fertilizer, that is, you need to find a balance. The balance of our capabilities and desires, the balance of our costs and time, in everything we need to find balance and tranquility. And only after that our sprout will take root and continue to grow on its own. Now he himself understood the direction of his growth.So we, 30 guys, who did not know what to do with their knowledge, with the help of moderators, facilitators and other specialists, understood in what direction they should grow and develop in order to get the fruits-values ​​that they formulated in their teams when solving projects ... And only thanks to similar projects like Horizon 2100, young people will be able to give a clear and structured answer to the question: “How do you want to see your future? And what can you do for this? "young people will be able to give a clear and structured answer to the question: “How do you want to see your future? And what can you do for this? "young people will be able to give a clear and structured answer to the question: “How do you want to see your future? And what can you do for this? " Talking at the end of the forum, we came to the following conclusion: all our desires can be realized, it is not difficult, but we need to take into account all areas that they will affect.

Therefore, in our desired future, we see:

· Clean rivers, lakes, seas and oceans

· Clean air and cities planted with parks

· Green streets filled with electric cars

· Enterprises with modern waste treatment systems

· Pollution control system and exhaust gases

· Modern system of waste processing, waste collection and recycling of raw materials

· Streets, parks and squares with eco-reserves

· A balanced system of human interaction with flora and fauna

· Eco-cultural people who care about the home (planet) in which they live

· Optimization and mechanization of many production elements

· Development of unmanned vehicles

· Construction and growth of cities upwards, but also the formation of separate plots, such as a cottage with land

· Development of agriculture, but the maximum rejection of manual work, and its optimization with machinery

· Demilitarization

· Development and availability of space tourism

· Areas with a developed mode of transport, such as flying cars

· The beginning of the colonization of other planets

· The introduction of artificial intelligence everywhere in everyday life, as a home assistant

· Affordable medicine and increased production of pharmaceuticals

· Affordable education and infrastructure development for possible distance learning

· Active use of n-D modeling

· The introduction of 3D communication in public life

· The use of 3D modeling in medicine (organ growing)


Forum results

On the final day of the forum, on Thursday, August 27, the teams presented answers to difficult questions on the UN agenda in the format of six projects to the judgment of the authoritative jury. As a result of summing up, the following teams took the lead:

1st place – the team "Path of the Future" with the project "From Community to Development" and the team "Hi-Tech" with the project "Technologies that Improve Life"

II place – the team "Different, but equal" with the project "Moscow Consensus / Sun"

III place – the team "Eco-planet" with the project "REGISTER OF ECOLOGICAL TECHNOLOGIES AND INNOVATIONS"

Grand Prix of the Horizon 2100 competition
Further, the highest final note of awards and congratulations was the announcement of the winners of the GRAND PRIX competition. This high title was won by two girls: Snezhana Elisienko, Tomsk, Kemerovo region, Russia - in the field of scientific works in the nomination "Overcoming global threats by 2045 - to the centenary of the UN" and Angelica Yarmontovich, Belarus - in the nomination "Sci-fi works about the future at the turn of 2100.
Yarmontovich Angelica
Elisienko Snezhana
International Youth Organization Team
A good team is the key to a successful event!
Let's get to know the heroes of the last forum!
Anaka Satish
Chief coordinator of the International Youth Organizing Group, coordinator for working with participants and solving organizational and practical issues during the preparation and holding of the forum
Natalia Kovalkina

Forum press secretary, photographer, also deals with contacts with media, guests and VIPs

Veronica Ledneva

Organizational and technical support coordinator - ambulance, hands free

Anastasia Kyarimova
Content coordinator for organizing the cultural program of the Forum and organizing support for participants during cultural and educational events
Nikita Pavlov
Coordinator for organizational and technical support of the moderator, participants and the entire program of the Forum
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Thank you very much for this forum! Thanks for the work you've done! In fact, there are often mistakes in organization, but the organization of Horizon 2100 was at a high level. You didn't get bored for a second, you were always busy with something. We've done so much in so few days. We found each other, came to a common goal and showed results. This is a huge contribution, and everything that each of us has done will affect us in the future. Each of the people who attended the forum set the mood for every day. My dream is to come next year!
Gamirova Julia
I liked the organization, the atmosphere, everyone's involvement in the forum and work on projects!
Biyushkina Anna
I don't even know how to describe my emotions about the last forum. It was just amazing !!! These 4 days are one of the best in my life. I will never forget the days that I spent on the forum. It was a very cool experience as I have never participated in any such event. I met very interesting and cool people. And my team is just the coolest guys, I love them. At the forum, I liked absolutely everything, how it was organized, food, events, excursion, everything was at the highest level. But! It is a pity that there was not enough time, I wanted to communicate with my team and other guys for a longer time. So, I want to thank all the organizers, jury members, experts, facilitators and everyone who was involved in organizing the forum. Thank you very much!!! It was unforgettable!!!
Lagutkina Christina
Organization, events, food !!!! Very cool facilitators and curators!
Ovchinnikov Pavel
I do not regret at all that I came here, and I am grateful that I was invited and given the opportunity to participate in such an amazing event. I gained tremendous experience in working with a team, communicating in a foreign language, traveling by metro in Moscow) We had a rich program, taking into account the timing of the forum, but it included cultural events that allowed me to distract myself and enjoy informal communication with each other ... Lots of food! The moderator and structured approach to solving the cases that we were asked to work with were great help. For me personally, it was very useful. Of the proposals - master classes from reputable people and sharing experience from experts. Only positive impressions. There were stressful situations, but after defense, I exhaled, looked back and said to myself that it was not in vain!Thank you, it was great!
Shisharina Evgeniya
Our partners
The project was implemented using a grant from the President of the Russian Federation for the development of civil society provided by the Presidential Grants Foundation.
Using the grant of the President of the Russian Federation for the development of civil society provided by the Presidential Grants Fund