Future of Human Habitat Environment
International youth competition of scientific and creative works «Horizon-2100»'23

- Living environment on Earth - urban planning and urban planning, landscape architecture and planning - architectural, engineering and environmental parameters; urban, rural development, smart city infrastructure, types of future housing and digital tools, evolution and perspectives of digital design tools in the context of housing design; improvement and development of territories (yards, recreation areas, parks, squares, pedestrian zones, water bodies, opportunities for active cultural life); land transport (road, rail), water and air and transport systems, other systems for providing comfortable living (objects of trade, sports, culture, etc.);

- Exploration of interstellar space and space resources, orbital production, development of space civilization, human expansion into space and to other planets, space settlements, space colonies, orbital habitats, orbital settlements or orbital colonies; use of space resources; artificial gravity; providing for the needs of people in the space environment - food production, space dwellings, the creation of comfortable living areas, the preservation and provision of health, recreation and areas for recreation and sports.