Future of Science
International youth competition of scientific and creative works «Horizon-2100»'23

 - Development of natural, technical, humanitarian and social sciences, fundamental and applied research of problems related to the prospects for the development of science, technology, education and innovation, vectors and trends in their development; forecast of the need for new knowledge, sciences and areas of research (including the direction of global space research, the science of sustainable development, etc.); resolution of contradictions between individual and general education

- Knowledge and innovation management, transformation of educational processes using new technologies and tools, Internet technologies in scientific activity - new speeds, forms and methods (search, processing, storage of information, opportunities for scientific communication, methods of monitoring and analysis, etc.) .); vision of new creative methods and technologies (which are not available today) to improve the efficiency of scientific activity and the introduction of innovative, effective scientific solutions and technologies in the development of all spheres of human life; science forecasting in the context of global processes and problems.