Farah Suheil Naim

Lebanon-Russia, foreign member of the Russian Academy of Education, Doctor of Philosophy, Heads the Open University of Dialogue of Civilizations, founder of the Lebanese-Russian House, member of the Presidium of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture and leading editor of the Arabic version of the website of the Strategic Vision Group "Russia – Islamic World"; Author of more than 20 monographs and textbooks on dialogue and partnership awarded the Pushkin State Prize for his contribution to the development of friendship between civilizations, co-chairman of the International Jury of the HORIZON 2100 Competition

International Youth Forum "THE IMAGE OF THE FUTURE WE WANT: FORESIGHT 2100". August 23-26, 2021, Moscow.

The "World of the Future" panel.

Speech and presentation "Civilization and the man of the future"

The report: https://disk .yandex.ru/i/iqU_02HVC92jXw

Presentation: https://disk .yandex.ru/i/vOLsDp6w5z6B9A

Performance: https://rutube.ru/video/6988fd2f84dfedb10f051c7c3d237274/