“Horizon 2100” is the International Youth Contest of scientific hypotheses and fantastic ideas, in which the youth of any countries, nationalities, ethnic groups and peoples presents their vision of the future in 2100 as a scientific article / study or science fiction, an essay.


Scientists, economists, financiers, programmers, writers, weather forecasters and just ordinary people — everyone thinks of the future, near or far. However, there is a category of a special kind — youth, being the main generator of change, who in it-self represent a foreseeable future and will have to form subsequent scenarios for the development of a country, a civilization and a planet. In this regard, several Russian non-profit organizations together is taking the initiative to conduct “Horizon 2100” An International Youth Contest for scientific and creative works.

The main goal of the project:

– To motivate thoughtful youth from different countries with an active lifestyle to “switch on” their intellect and carry out a creative search for scientific ideas, hypotheses, sci-fi ideas about the distant future.


The scientific and creative work of the participants will be assessed by Experts and the International Jury.  The winners will be given the right to participate in the final forum in Moscow in the summer of 2019.

The dates of Contest:

reception of scientific and creative works until March 31, 2019 inclusive.

How to participate?

To participate in the Contest, you need to write and send us a scientific article/ study or science fiction work – a story, essay.

Your work may be in English or Russian.

Before you begin, take a look at the sections:

Recommendations and rules

The terms of participation

You can submit your application and scientific or creative work to us on the site. For this you need

a) fill in the application form – Application Form for download

b) You can attach and send the application along with the work HERE

If for any reason you cannot complete the Online Application Form and upload the work on the website, you can send them to contest2100@futurible.space

You can also read and download:

The contest Horizon-2100 short description

The regulation on the Contest

Basic concepts, terms and definitions

Participation in the Contest  all participants, jury and experts is voluntary and gratuitous.

What will happen next?

You will wait for the results, and your work will be considered by the International Expert Council and the Jury.

Examination of works will last from April 1 to April 30, 2019. The results of the Contest will be announced in the period from May 1 to May 30, 2019. Definition of works-finalists who took prizes I, II, III, will be held in late May 2019. The works of the winners will be published on the Internet resources of the organizers and partners.

It is planned to invite all winners to the International Youth Forum in July 2019 in Moscow, where the winners will be awarded.


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