Terms of participation

Who can participate?

We invite young people from any countries, all nationalities, ethnic groups and nations who

— to conduct research, to formulate scientific hypotheses in the field of forecasting the future of the planet and humanity and the prospects for the development of its various scenarios at the turn of 2100;

— to generate a sci-fi picture of the distant future, fantastic events, phenomena and processes at the turn of 2100, describe them in literary works and find a scientific, not supernatural, explanation for them;

— to propose solutions to overcome the threats facing the world for the period up to 2045 (UN centenary year) in the context of the tasks set in 2020 on the UN agenda;

— to offer a positive future vision and concrete ideas & solutions for its building in the context of the sustainable development of mankind and planet for the period up to 2045.

How to participate?

To participate in the competition, you need to choose a specific nomination, direction, to prepare and send us a scientific article, scientific-reserch, practical-scientific work or a science fiction work (story, essay) in which you present your general vision of the future in 2100 or proposals in the field of problem solving and sustainable development before 2045.

Requirements on the procedure for submitting scientific and creative works to the Competition:

The package of documents submitted for the competition should include:

— application form of the participant of the competition with indication of the direction of the competition, nomination, information about the author and supervisor (if any);

— scientific or creative work.

Works submitted to the competition must be original. You can include links or citations from publications and books by other authors in selected areas. This will help you develop your ideas, hypotheses and imagination. However, when quoting or presenting the ideas of someone else, you should mention in your work who you are quoting and submit a link. Plagiarism in competitive work is not allowed!

The Organizing Committee has the right not to accept work that does not comply with the provisions reflected in these recommendations, about which messages are sent to the Participants within 7 working days from the date of submission of the scientific work. At the same time, these Participants are not deprived of the right to submit work again, if the deadline for accepting applications for the Contest has not expired.

The deadline for sending work is May 31, 2020 (inclusive).

Participants confirm that the submitted works do not violate the rights of third parties — copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, including rights to photos, videos and images.

Participants acknowledge that they accept these terms and conditions and agree to the display and public presentation of works, including photos, videos and images.

All scientific or sci-fi works by participants, submitted to the competition along with all rights relating to them, including, where applicable, the copyright of texts, photos, videos and images and any other intellectual property rights, are under the control of the author, whose rights are valid and legally exist. The organizer does not acquire ownership rights to the participants.

The terms of participation are the Agreement, according to which the authors — participants of the Competition, provide the Organizer with a non-exclusive free perpetual worldwide permission for:

  • storing, using and reusing texts, photos, videos and images in whole or in part;
  • integration and inclusion of texts, images, photos, videos, or parts of them in any existing or future work of the Organizer for promotional purposes;
  • distribution of copies of texts, photos, videos and images for promotional purposes;
  • public presentation of texts, images, photos, videos;
  • reproduction of texts, images, photos, videos on any equipment and on any media, including paper and electronic media, digital, electronic or non-electronic format.

The exercise of the rights granted to the Organizer by this Agreement shall be publicly displayed on the Organizer’s website, and the participants, the authors of the submitted scientific and creative works, shall reflect and confirm their consent to these conditions of participation and this Agreement in the Application Form when submitting work to the Competition.

The exercise of the rights provided by this Agreement is governed and interpreted in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.