Russian-American Young Leaders Summit

Accepting applications for participation!

The Center for Modeling Future in Education, Science, Economics, and the Social and Humanitarian Sphere invites talented, thinking young people – citizens of Russia and the United States aged 18 to 28 to take part in the Russian-American Young Leaders Summit.

The venue will be Suzdal-Vladimir-Moscow from October 6 to October 11, 2019.

It is a dynamic educational role-playing game under the motto “We model the future together ” will be as a simulation of an official visit by the leadership of the United States of America to the Russian Federation and intergovernmental meetings. Their goal will be to conduct negotiations and mutual consultations and to develop joint decisions that the parties will consolidate in the final documents.

The following format is proposed.

Round 0 – preparatory sessions, including:

— introduction of participants, deep dive into the subject, getting familiar with the diplomatic procedures, protocols, rules of procedure of the Summit;

— Election of Presidents of Russia and of the US; appointment of the US Secretary of State; the Prime Minister of Russia; Ministers of the United States Cabinet; and Ministers of the Russian Government;

— Establishment of joint commissions on areas of cooperation

— Preparation of the grand opening ceremony of the Intergovernmental Consultations and the Summit.

Round I, Summit Opening.

During the opening ceremony of the Summit, the elected „Presidents” of Russia and the United States will exchange greetings and present the appointed „ministers“. Officials, representatives of youth organizations, and experts in international cooperation between Russia and the United States will be invited to take part in the opening ceremony.

Round II: “Intergovernmental consultation”

«Intergovernmental consultations» will be part of the Summit.

The appointed «ministers» will work on joint panels where they will discuss issues of interest:

— Foreign policy priorities and economic interests of both Russia and the USA that are similar rather than conflicting.

— Possible drivers of positive changes in relations between the USA and Russia that can be the foundation for development of sustainable interaction and long-term cooperation.

— Are the young people of Russia and the United States able to look beyond the horizon and simulate a vision of possible trends in relations between Russia the United States today and in the future in the interests of future generations living in the world together?

The outcomes of the discussions, mutual consultations, negotiations, the parties will include developing joint decisions and issuing them in the form of protocols, their key points to be included in the memorandum signed by “Presidents”.

Round III: Summit and End of Visit

The Summit of the Russian Federation and the United States of America will end with a solemn ceremony where ministers of the two countries will sign protocols and the Memorandum of Cooperation prepared by the heads of state. The meeting will end with a joint announcement of the Communique to the public and the press.

Expected Outcome:

The project will allow 40 active young people from Russia and the United States who have a keen desire to develop youth cooperation between the two countries to: meet at the Youth Summit: discuss issues of concern; develop specific proposals and recommendations for the governing bodies of their countries; gain experience in state activities and democratic procedures; and develop joint plans for the future.

Participants of the Summit will be selected on the competitive principle based on the information submitted that characterizes their social, public, research achievements and other relevant activities, as well as their communication skills.

Anyone interested must fill in the Application Form and send it by e-mail before 24.00 Moscow time on August 30, 2019 to the address:

The application form can be downloaded HERE

The application form with your photo should be sent to the email address:
The application form with your photo should be sent to the email address:
ATTENTION! The last date for sending the Application Form is 08.30.2019.
Selection of participants is until 08.31.2019.
Information about the winners of the competition will be displayed on the
website of the Center for Modeling Future, September, 1, 2019.
All winners will receive invitations.
In case of winning the competition for the right to participate in the summit, all contestants agree give consent:
— To pay for travel expenses to Moscow and back (on their own or at the expense of the sending organization).
— To provide information about their participation in the Summit by local, regional and / or university media.
We draw your attention to the fact that during the Russian-American Summit of Young Leaders (RAYLS) there will be photo and video filming. By taking part in this event, the participants agree to the organizers will use and publish any photographs and video footage taken, including for media coverage.