III stage of the International youth forum “Modeling of the future: Horizon 2100”

The final stage of the Contest within the International Youth Forum “Modelling of the Future: Horizon 2100”will be held on July 8-10, 2019 in Moscow.
The Forum events will be held in an interactive format and will be provided with premises, office and demonstration office equipment, audio/video equipment with sound amplification system, Internet access, and other necessary equipment for the Forum.
The forum program includes the following modules:
– visiting to the Roscosmos flight control Center;
– opening and Scientific-educational module – several plenary sessions;
– scientific and educational workshop: work on the sections on the subject areas of the Forum with the participation of experts in the format of discussions and foresight sessions on modeling different scenarios of the future;
– visiting to Technopark “SKOLKOVO” and the science show;
– the final session of the Forum at the Moscow aviation Institute – presentation of the results of the Forum, awarding the winners, closing the Forum.
Special attention will be paid to the development of young people’s skills of project management on the basis of intelligent networks, social technologies, the formation of leadership skills, the development of the ability to work in project groups and build successful cooperation.

For any questions please contact us at horizon2100@futurible.space